Jun 12 2010

light breathing may be possible

Charlene @ 10:23 am

Training of trainers and orientation days are finished, and I’m back in the capital for the first full weekend “off” I’ve had here. Course, I’m working on other things – friends of mongolia newsletter, thesis, IT stuff, banana bread? – but at least it’s a change. It’s pretty quiet here due to world cup, but the most important development is that there is a korea-based donut chain with a branch in Mongolia. I haven’t been there yet, but it’s a major goal for next weekend.

The other thing is that there’s a place that makes pho here – Kenny Rogers Roasters(? which is similar-ish to Boston Market). It’s not tooo bad, but could be improved.

Randomly, the other person in the coffeeshop here is a lama who I assume is Tibetan as I can’t understand what he’s saying on skype. He also produced from somewhere in his robes an iPad and a 13″ macbook.

In other other news, no one has called me since I got here – I know I’m hard to  get to, but huh.

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Jun 01 2010

Mongolia is super busy

Charlene @ 10:36 am

aaaah work aah. Today’s the first day off in a bit and I’m working on other work. Baah.

On the other hand, walking around checking housing for the trainees was fun – and made me miss my host family. The training site soum we were at was so peaceful and the drive there was beautiful. Sigh.

Today is Children’s Day here, which means way too much sugar, theater shows, movies, parents spending time with their kids, and in all likelihood tantrums.

The trash trucks still sound like ice cream trucks.

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Sep 30 2009

quite the worker bee

Charlene @ 7:39 am

Today was a good work day  – and probably the first serious one since I’ve gotten into Texas…

got through all my backlogged Mongolia and US correspondence, wrapped up a few reunion-related things, started my t-mobile plan migration (only 15 min left and still have 2 weeks before next billing cycle), replied to everything re: school and thesis so ball isn’t in my court anymore, dealt with some outstanding IT thingies, sent out a cover letter and CV for a particular job, ran around a bit, helped my aunt with driving, and saved an earthworm this morning from the sun.

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Sep 25 2009

transit part 2

Charlene @ 1:23 pm

Lubbock to Dallas:

2 “entertainment” lounges containing the word “willie”: “chili willie’s” and “wet willies.” I’m not sure which is more appealing…

“Midnight Rodeo” club in Lubbock – $1 longnecks(?), college ID before 9pm get in free, all sorts of music, and (really) improved security so you can feel safe there – per the radio spot.

haircut – stern lady saying that if I’m not willing to “work with” my hair daily, she can’t in good faith cut it, as no hair will look right unless I work with it.

Mom ambushing at almost 10pm to say hello/rifle through my stuff/ask leading questions/avoid my aunt who is presumably asleep.

Ah, Dallas…


Sep 23 2009

in transit

Charlene @ 3:47 am

Things seen:

A Hite beer billboard in Arizona
Start of I-40 (sign said Wilmington, NC 2300 (ish) miles)
A marked lack of “Dockside Babes” billboards (perhaps only in the SE?)


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